The North Central Newfoundland Club

What we do

3 Mostly we have fun. Now this takes many forms from our picnic to working event practices, from holiday parties to working event test. Any time spent with Newfs is sure to bring happiness. santa


Now more specifically we always have a picnic early in the year. This is a great place to meet members lots of Newfs, have some great food, some laughs at the games and of course get slimed a little. picnc shelter
draft Newfoundlands are a natural working breed. We support water and draft practices and test each year to give our Newfoundlands, that what to work, the best chance to receive their title. water
walk party Holiday party or winter walks add fun to the dead of winter for us and our Newfs
pat A parade or two pop up each year as well as educating the public at IKC and dog shows. xmas
We have an education day each year and they are on a wide range of topics. Anything from health to training, rally to grooming. grooming ed
welcome Our rescue is always active. This can be anything from concealing an owner that needs some help in training issues to placing dogs that must find a new home. Our Newfiepalooza helps generate the money need for vet bills and more in caring for Newfoundlands in our care, to get them ready for their new home. The Newfiepalooza is a great day of fun, games, silent auction and more. welcome

Come join in the fun!


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