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September 17 and 18, 2016
Lake Andrea
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Judges for NCNC Water Test:
Saturday September 16th, 2017
Pam Saunders & Mark Iken

Sunday September 17th, 2017
Pam Saunders & Cassie Iken


The 2017 NCNC Back-to-Back water test was held at Lake Andrea, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. We had a great test weekend. We are never certain of what Mother Nature will bestow on us for weather. This year she decided to add a little warmth, but was kind to keep the wind to a minimum.

Our judges, Pam Saunders, Mark & Cassie Iken, did an outstanding job encouraging and providing a positive atmosphere for our entrants. Our entrants ranged from first time entrants to those who have had multiple entries over the years. It was wonderful to watch spectators, stewards and entrants cheer on our handlers an their Newfs. We had fantastic stewards, both new and experienced, who made for a smooth and fun test. We can't say "THANK YOU" enough to all the volunteers because without you, we would not be able to have such a wonderful test. We would also like to express our gratitude to the set up crew on Friday for getting the test area prepared for the weekend, to the amazing test committee - Karen Clancy, Shawn Drake, Kim Wilcox, Linda Larsen, our test photographer - Cissy Sullivan, and to ALL the entrants for supporting our test.

For those who earned their new titles and for those who were so close, we all know at the end of the day we get to go home with the best Newf! We are very proud to announce that on Saturday we had two new WD titles earned by Alyssa Murfield with Luna and Christine Brigham with Rita; and two WRD re-quailifier titles earned by Cherry Buckley with Anna, Sue Zientara with Doozie. On Sunday we had one WRD re-qualifier title earned by Cherry Buckley with Anna. Congratulations to them on their amazing accomplishments.

Our highlighted Raffle of the Aeoluspet Monster Blaster Dryer was won by one of our entrants Vince Molinarolo. We are certain it will be put to good use with his Newfie fur family.

We loved seeing everyone that came out to share some time with us and our Newfs. We appreciated the many ways everyone supported our event and look forward to having many more successful tests in the future. On behalf of the NCNC Water Test Committee, We Thank You!

Dona Baker-Austin Water Test Chairperson


Saturday Titles:
2 new WD's:
LUNA VIII, CD CGCA - (Luna) owned and handled by
Alyssa Murfield BLUEMOON'S MARGARITA - (Rita)
owned and handled by Christine Brigham 2 new WRD
ANNA, WRD4- (Anna) owned by Cherry Buckley & Mike Truesdill, handled by Cherry
OF A STORM, CD CGC WRD5 TDD - (Doozie) owned and handled

Sunday Titles:
ANNA, WRD5- (Anna) owned by Cherry Buckley & Mike Truesdill, handled by Cherry


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