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September 17 and 18, 2016
Lake Andrea
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Judges:   Jo Nussle and Sue Zientara

The 2016 NCNC Water Test was held at Lake Andrea, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin on September  17th and 18th. It was not only well attended, but also proved to be some of the nicest weather we have had for our two day event in some years. We always pray for a little less wind, as the wind does provide some challenges for the stewards as well as the participants. This year’s wind lived up to past experiences and the stewards and entrants certainly did an outstanding job coping with it. Our judges Jo Nussle and Sue Zientara provided a warm, positive atmosphere for our entrants and were so very helpful and encouraging to all. A great mix of NEW stewards and experienced stewards kept things running smoothly and provided quality help. Can’t say a BIG enough thank you to all volunteers because without you we would not be able to offer such great opportunities. Would also like to express thanks to the SET UP CREW on Friday for getting all prepared for the weekend. Of course we would have loved to announce that EVERYONE went home with a new title, but alas that was not the case. ONE THING for certain is that everyone went home with THEIR BEST DOG and knowing they tried their best. We are very PROUD to announce that on Saturday we had one new WD title earned by Jean McAdams and Nana and one WRD2 requalifier Cherry Buckley and Anna. On Sunday one new WD title earned by Chris Jones and Abby, and one WRD3 requalifier Cherry Buckley and Anna. Congratulations to them on their awesome accomplishments.

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