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Splash and Play 2014


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July10th and August 10th


We had some new folks show up and some decided, hey this looks like a fun club and we're welcoming new members as a result. We also had a core group of people from the water seminar given by John and Denita Jackman attend our play dates. It was great to see each and every Newf progress from reluctant or even eager first time swimmers to dogs that were retrieving bumpers, articles, boats, and people in the water. We started with doggie life vests or skier belly bands and many progressed to swimming comfortably without the extra help. Starting with a flotation device keeps them level while facilitating the use of all four legs to propel themselves in the water. It also gives them confidence right off the bat! I have no doubt we will see some of these dogs in our water test next year.

Chairs Cathy Hartke and Tara Bertrand


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