The North Central Newfoundland Club

Splash and Play 2013




July 21, 2013


We had mostly puppies from five months to a year that had never been in the water to swim - to wade maybe - but swimming was a new experience. It was so much fun to see the pups as they started swimming farther and farther. Of course a little inducement (hot dogs) and lots of goo-goo talk (what we call silly baby talk in our house) helped them feel comfortable and willing to try. We put life vests or skier belly bands on all of them. I think this is a great way to get a dog of any age into the water and avoid the panicked feeling when their legs stop touching the bottom. We've all seen dogs flounder and slap at the water with their front paws. Starting with a flotation device keeps them level while facilitating use of all four legs to propel themselves in the water. It also gives them confidence right off the bat! Water work should be fun for humans and Newfs alike so we didn't try any "fancy" stuff– just had fun and introduced several new members and their babies to having a good time in the water. The temp had dropped to around 70 degrees after a sunshine-filled hot week, of course. However the rain held off and the dogs didn't mind the temperature at all. In fact most of them wanted to come back in after being out for a rest.

Chairs Cathy Hartke and Tara Bertrand


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