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Water Test 2010

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September 19, 2010
Muskego Park

Judges:   Lori Littleford & Sue Marino

Those who qualified were as follows -

New Water Dogs  
Bright Star's Constellation Prize, WD Handler - Dona Baker
CH Tresors Star Of Logy Bay, UD RE WD Handler - Anna Lorenz
Ethel May Dakota Bear Meeker, WD Handler - Ted Meeker
Snowdrift's Light My Fire, WD Handler - Cherilyn Antin
New Water Rescue Dogs  
Northshore Abby Normal, WRD Handler - Jamerson Rolseth
In Spite of Cool Weather and Rain a Great Water Test.
On Sunday, September 19th, the NCNC held its 2010 Water Test at Muskego Park in Muskego, Wisconsin. Much of the test day there was on and off heavy rain at times drenching judges, stewards, handlers and spectators. However, the dogs didn't seem to mind a bit! There were 25 entrants including 14 juniors, 11 seniors, and alternates hoping to get in. At the end of the day there were 4 junior qualifiers and 1 senior qualifier.

Many thanks to our judges, Lori Littleford and Sue Marino, who cheered and encouraged entrants as much as we did. They made everyone feel like a winner. Also a big thank you to our stewards, Dave Kledzik, Mark O'Connor, Nancy Long, Darlene Ratner, Sue Matzke, Pam and Jason Bloomfield, Justin Calaway, Mary Trauernicht, John Pearson, Cherry Buckley, Mike Truesdill, Tara Martin (also test secretary), "Woody" Woodrich, Ted Meeker, and Damien Burke. The evening before the test we had a fabulous banquet and raffle/auction. A special thanks to Dona Baker for her work on this and to Tara Martin's son, Zack made donuts and chips for everyone to enjoy. Many others helped out throughout the day.

Congratulations to our qualifiers and all our entrants. They are all successful as they experienced the joy of working and bonding with their Newfs,

We are grateful for our many volunteers who give so freely of their time and talents to make this and every other event possible and successful. If you missed this one, be sure to come for the day next year, or, better yet, get your Newf in the water!
See you in the water next year!
Chair: Roger Danielsen
Test Secretary: Tara Martin
Chief Steward: Joan Gunn
Banquet Chair: Dona Baker

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