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Water Test 2008

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September 14, 2008
Prairie Springs Park/Lake Andrea

Judges:   Ron Horn & Matt Cobban

Those who qualified were as follows -

New Water Dogs  
CH TipTop's Special At Lotta Love (Cassidy) Handler - Linda Larsen
Bright Stars Makin' A Splash (Splash) Handler - Roger Danielsen
Requalified Water Dog  
U-CD Beecreek's Groovy Surf's Up CD, RN, DD, TDI, CGC (Groovy) Handler - Cheri Nicholas
New Water Rescue Dogs  
Huey's Special Angel (Gabe) Handler - Lisa Noel

The NCNC Water Test was scheduled to start with basic obedience on the afternoon of September 13, 2008. Unfortunately Hurricane Ike had other ideas. At first it seemed possible that one of our judges might not be able to fly in at all, but the weather cooperated enough to get both of them into O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Getting them out of the airport was another matter. The roads surrounding the airport were closed because of flooding, as was the subway. Eventually, the flooding subsided, allowing us to pick up our judges and transport them to the test site. However, since their arrival was in doubt, entrants had left, and we were unable to hold basic control that day. The judges made the final call, that with the few entrants left, basic control would be held the following morning. Sunday morning arrived with continuing torrential rain courtesy of Hurricane Ike, thus replicating realistic water rescue conditions. However, the test began on time with Basic Control and proceeded from there. Both the junior exercises and the senior exercises were completed by the early afternoon. Despite the rain, wind and cold, many participants and observers remained on to cheer on others.

The stewards, entrants and other volunteers all performed admirably, especially given the weather conditions. The Newfs, on the other hand, didn't give the weather a second thought. Of 14 entrants who tested (11 junior, 3 senior), there were 3 junior qualifiers and 1 senior qualifier. A huge thank you to the judges, Ron Horn and Matt Cobban, all the stewards and volunteers, as well as the entrants and observers who all braved the storm to carry out a successful water test.


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