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Water Test 2007

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September 16, 2007
Prairie Springs Park/Lake Andrea

Judges:  Roger Frey & Joan Gunn

Those who qualified were as follows -

New Water Dogs  
Aqua's Hugo Out N About (Dazzler) Handler - Karen Schlipf
Haytee's On Fire at Snowdrift CD (Siren) Handler - Cherilyn Antin
Huey's Special Angel (Gabe) Handler - Lisa Noel
Nash of B and B Zirpoli Gore CD (Nash) Handler - Patti Zipoli
New Water Rescue Dogs  
Bright Star's Macy Mae of Blackwatch (Macy) Handler - Dona Baker
Windancer's Duchess Isabella WD (Belle)  Handler - Guy Germaine
A wonderful water test at Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin the weekend of September15th and 16th. The organization started on Saturday with the early arrival of Andrea and Dave Z, Mary T, Dona B and Roger D who all worked diligently to prepare the site by setting up all the tents and equipment. It wasn't long before the first entrants started to arrive along with many of our board members. Our board meeting was held from 1:30-3:00 p.m. followed by the obedience exercises. From the applause of the crowd anyone within hearing distance knew that we had many successes. The evening banquet provided a great chance for sharing time with new and old friends. The meal was great, the general membership meeting went well , and the icing on the cake was our auction and brown bag raffle. MANY MANY thanks to all who donated items, participated in the LIVELY bidding (Thanks Ted and Judy!!) It made our evening an overall wonderful time. Dawn came really quickly and so did the arrival of all the entrants. The air was very crisp, and I hoped that everyone had brought some full wetsuits! The event ran smoothly with great organization from Roger D. our chair. The volunteers were outstanding! Darlene R. and her family members were precise in their record keeping. We cannot thank you enough for your help. Without all the volunteers these events could not come about. No matter in what capacity you volunteer, it makes a difference. Where else can you go to a water test and have a "fully stocked kitchen" to have your dogs' portrait taken? Great idea to kick off the sale of our COOK BOOK! Thank you Tara M, Wendy W, and her sister Denise for your artistic and photographic talents, and to the whole cookbook crew, you did an outstanding job as usual. Congratulations to all the entrants on your dedication and hard work with your dogs. It was a sheer pleasure to watch the interaction. Many thanks to our judges.
Chair Roger Danielsen
Secretary Tara Martin
Chief Steward Dona Baker

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