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2006 Water Workshop

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June 10 and 11, 2006


On June 10 & 11, NCNC hosted a water seminar at the Gunn/Reese pond in Harvard, Illinois. The seminar was presented by Roger and Barbara Frey who have done numerous seminars and successfully tested many of their Newfoundlands in junior and senior water tests. The Frey's provided a unique focus on training using little correction and much
positive motivation. "Never let your dog fail" was their mantra. Both well seasoned water workers and those new to the activity gained a lot from their presentation. NCNC members provided a potluck dinner on Saturday evening. And in spite of a rather cool June day, most participants stayed for the dinner and camaraderie.

The water workshop was a very successful event. Many members expressed their appreciation of the seminar and for the use of the site. We had a full seminar with 30
participants including four motor homes. Several non-members from out of state
attended as well as several members bringing multiple dogs. Special thanks to Roger Danielsen and Linda Larsen for their help organizing the seminar.

Chair Joan Gunn    

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