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Water Test 2006

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September 17, 2006
Prairie Springs Park/Lake Andrea

Judges:   Sue Marino & Sam Butler

Those who qualified were as follows -

New Water Dogs  
Bright Star Macy Mae of Blackwatch (Macy) Handler - Dona Baker
Shadrack’s Kindred Spirit DD (Budde) Handler - Jean McAdams
Springhaven’s White Knight CD,RA,DD (Ollie) Handler - Priscilla Hensel
New Water Rescue Dogs  
Golden Oaks Moon Shadow (Benson) Handler - Susan Putt
Shelby DD (Shelby) Handler - Terry Sutton-Fuller

If you missed it, you missed a really good time at our Annual Water Test held September 17th at Prairie Springs Park, Lake Andrea, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. This was our fourth year at this lovely site. After an open swim on Saturday and optional obedience, we headed to the on-site pavilion for a great dinner, auction/raffle and membership meeting. On Sunday, in spite of "storms threatening" and a short "rain delay" all our of 24 exhibitors did their work. Our judges were Sue Marino and Sam Butler who did their best to make entrants feel comfortable and confident. The test included 16 juniors and 8 senior dogs. Our well organized secretary, competent stewards and skilled judges kept the test moving and everyone organized. At the end of the day, a group of happy qualifiers received their titles and trophies. Three junior dogs and two senior dogs qualified. Of the remaining, both judges pronounced them "oh, sooo very close".

The Test Committee wish to thank our many stewards and everyone else who pitched in and helped make this another very successful water test. We couldn't do it without you!

Chair Joan Gunn    
Secretary Mary Trauernicht    
Cheif Steward Roger Danielsen    
Hospitality Dona Baker and Linda Larsen    

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