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December 2, 2012


We held the club's Snowflake Party and General Membership meeting December 2nd at Happy Trails Ranch. It was a great event and
lots of fun.

Barbara Hearn and Maredith Reggie had great games for everyone to participate in.

Santa showed up and many of our Newfs took advantage of having a picture taken, although couple did need a little encouragement. Now if Cissy could make Santa look a few pounds lighter that would've been OK. Cissy took the time to edit each picture with Santa so every Newfie will have a great remembrance for years to come (especially the puppies).

Tara did an outstanding job with refreshments and food. This was a great day of socializing, getting slobbered on and having a few laughs.

Thank you to all who attended.

Chair John Mertens

Chair John Mertens
Games Barbara Hearn and Maredith Reggie
Hospitality Tara Berdtran
Photography Cissy Sullivan


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