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Christmas Parade 2011

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as told by Groovy Nicholas

Look, I am a busy guy but I would never pass up on an opportunity to participate in a parade.
My friend, Lori (she has Labradors,they're ok-cousins ya know) knows I am a great Draft Dog and asked me to walk in the Wheaton "Dickens of a Christmas" lighted parade. It sounded like great fun so I asked all my friends. Turns out I have a lot of friends. I started spreading the word via P-mail (I mean E-mail) with the help of our computer friends and before I knew it, about 40 dogs were going to bring their people to walk in this parade.

I really prefer the PR stuff so I talked my little brother into pulling the cart and I worked the crowd. My folks put lights, bells and a Merry Christmas sign on it and it looked great. There were a bunch of decorated carts pulled by my friends-they looked AWESOME! Some of my other friends were wearing costumes, special Christmas collars and clothes.

The parade isn't very long, only about 5 blocks, but so many people wanted to meet me and my friends that we almost stopped the parade!

The weather was perfect and the night was clear. All the floats and the band had lights. Santa rode on the biggest and best float at the very end.

Thanks so much to all our friends, near and far, who joined us in the parade. We might get invited back next year and I sure hope you can join us!

By Cheri Nicholas


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