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Annual Picnic and Elections


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June 6, 2015
Kansasville, WI



We had an absolutely fabulous day for the picnic. The weather cooperated all day, and we had a lot of members, prospective members and of course Newfs at the event.

Al and Tina Williams ran the games and they were as much fun to watch as to enter. The food was plentiful as always and the main course cooked to perfection by Steve Hilker. Tracy Sherdan, one of our newer members was great help with many aspects of the picnic.

During the General Membership Meeting we elected new Board Members, had updates from the committees and reviewed the changes to the By-Laws. All committee chairs for upcoming events need more volunteers with many positions that do not require any experience. This is a great way to get to know more club members. It was obvious that during the last year our Newfs had fun and great success as the awards were plentiful this year.

At a quiet point in the day a new member said, “Just look.” Everything seemed pretty ordinary so it wasn’t immediately clear what she was talking about. She was in awe at the number of Newfs just lounging around the park. Like many of us before joining the club, she had only seen a few Newfs other than her own and certainly not so many in one place. After a while, we forget how wonderful it is to see so many beautiful and calm dogs together.
With other club members we have a unique group of people who don’t freak out when our
dogs slobber on them and who like to share stories that people with less monumental dogs don’t understand. The day was a great success as we had plenty of help, lots of members attending, visiting and laughing all day long.

John Mertens


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