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Picnic 2014

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June 14, 2014

Half Day Road Forest Preserve


We started the day with the weather man's forecast of morning temps in the high 60s and low 70s for the afternoon. As usual he was wrong we had a beautiful day in the 70's all day with lots of sun. Along with the good weather we had a great turnout Steve and Candy Hilker handled the games this year. The games were a lot of fun and good for some laughs also especially the dress your Newf. Russ Nummer kept us feed with plenty of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken breast hot off the grill. Everyone's side dishes were tasty and plentiful. I'm sure we all left a few pounds heavier. Our Newfs were very busy his year and we had many awards to hand out including a new Versatile Newfoundland title; VN CH Bluemoon's Foreign Affair CD, WRD1, DD. Tara had a huge Brown bag raffle basket, actually a swimming pool full of Newfie stuff. Everyone wanted it, but somehow Linda Larsen won again.

The day ended with a bang, well more of a whimper. As Angela and I got ready to leave our van battery decided to stay. Kathy Van Wie came to the rescue. After we tryed several things to get it started, Kathy drove me to the nearby Sears to get a new battery so we could get home, thanks Kathy. That's the great thing about our club, there is always someone around to help. Whether it is a dead battery, a training or health question or just to talk, someone is always there.
Thanks to all who attended and the committee.

Games: Steve Hilker
Brown Bag: Tara Bertrand
Registration and voting; Marty Bertrand
Chief Cook; Russ Nummer
Photographer: Cissy Sullivan
Chair; John Mertens


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