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Picnic 2012

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Half Day Road Forest Preserve
June 10, 2012


We had our annual picnic on June 10th at Half Day Road Forest Preserve. The day turned out great. The grove had mature shade trees and a large shelter provided much additional shade for the day's events. We had an excellent turnout of old, new and prospective members. The day was ideal for visiting with other Newf lovers. Barbra Hearn had great games especially the "Know Your Club Members Scavenger Hunt". Everyone was given a list of questions. The goal was to find a member for each item and have them sign the sheet. What a great way to learn more about people in the club and create interaction. Linda Larsen was the winner with 30 signatures. "Name that Newf" Photo Game turned out to be a little more difficult to match up the adorable pictures with the Newfs in attendance. When it was all said and done Amy Nathan and Patti Zirpoli were declared co-winners. Nash and Patti were the winners of the Square to Square game. Ring-Around-the-Rosy is always a challenge as our dogs tend to say "Hey I already did this" and then just want to skip the walking part and settle in on the down. But Nash proved to be a trooper and a little faster on the down, so he and Patti took home the prize. The
winners received an embroidered hat saying "Game Winner, NCNC Picnic 2012" or a two quart stainless steel dog bucket filled with dog treats. All participants received a gingham dog neckerchief and giant dog cookies. Those who entered a photo received a small photo frame. Thank you to Barbara and friends for the donation of many of the prizes, frames and giveaways. The food was wonderful and Russ did a great job at the grill. As always members brought an impressive selection of sides and deserts, so everyone was well fed. Thank you to everyone who helped make this another fun day for the club.

Chair John Mertens


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