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Annual Picnic and Election of Officers 2008

  • Dona blindly trying to find Macy
  • Drool contest contestants
  • Groovy Winner of the longest drool
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  • IMG_6761 Emma and Macy just chillin
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  • IMG_6773 Nash being patriotic
  • IMG_6830 Rick and Cambri getting his VN award
  • IMG_6831 Group shot 1
  • IMG_6835 Group shot 2
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  • Lucy Panda and katie
  • Maia and her puppy fuzz
  • Puppy drool contest
  • Tara Orion and Bob
  • 6791 Roxanne and Emma waiting for their turn
  • Brody and Macy
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Chain O'Lakes State Park
Spring Grove, IL



We had a total of 43 people and more than 20 dogs. It could be our largest one yet!! The weather cooperated and was nice and sunny. A few mosquitoes but not enough to dampen the fun and games. The picnic site was beautiful, lots of big trees and grass. And of course there is never a shortage of food at an NCNC event. Everyone enjoyed themselves and socializing with other members and giving the Newfs a big hug.

A BIG THANKS to co-chair Maggie Watrobka for all her hard work in helping organize and coordinate this years event. She came up with some great games for both the dogs and people. The prizes were great and well earned by the participants.

Thanks also to Ted& Judy Meeker who donated brats and buns for the grill; and to all the other members who helped setup or clean up afterward.
See you next year!

Chair Mary Trauernicht


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