The North Central Newfoundland Club

Annual Picnic and Election of Officers 2007

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2007 NCNC Picnic was a HUGE success.
We had a great site and the weather cooperated. It was a gorgeous day with lots of sun. Newfies were kept cool in the shade of the trees and the kid swimming pools.
This year's picnic was held at a new site which received quite a few positive comments.

Darlene Rattner did a FANTASTIC job on games !!! Everyone seemed to enjoy the many activities she had planned - judged by the many screams and joyous laughter. MANY THANKS to Darlene, and her helpers Sue & Diane Sentowski, for all the time spent on planning and coordinating the games. Our ever popular 'Longest Drool' contest was won by "Wisher" owned by Roger Danielsen.

We had a great turnout with over 40 people and 25 dogs. There were quite a few nonmembers that attended to check out what NCNC is all about. We also had some new members who attended and got a chance to socialize with other Newfie's and their owners.
Of course there was no shortage of picnic food.
All in all - a good time was had by everyone.
See you next year !!
Chair Mary Trauernicht  
  Handler -  

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