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Annual Picnic and Election of Officers 2006

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Chain O'Lakes State Park
Spring Grove, IL 60081

This year's picnic was held at Chain O' Lakes State Park near Richmond, Illinois. We had a good turnout for the picnic, 36 people and 29 dogs all total. The day started out with rain. The weather then cleared long enough to get lunch, a brief general meeting and distribution of awards to those that had gotten titles last year, before the storms began again. But we did have enough time to get the "Longest Drool" contest in. This year we had a puppy and adult class!
Thanks to all who donated articles to Silent Auction and Brown Bag raffle.

And thanks to Maggie Hatrobka for organizing the picnic, and Ted and Judy Meeker for donating brats and buns for the entire group. YUM YUM !!
See You Next Year!!!

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