New Member Information

New Membership Application Form:

  • Please click on the following link to download our New Member Application.  Please complete the form and send that along with payment to our Vice President – contact information is contained on the form. 
  • If you’d like to submit payment electronically – please notate that on your application – our VP will be happy to direct you to a link to do so.
  • Application to membership does require a sponsor.  You can obtain that sponsor by attending one of our functions – Click here to see our calendar of events.  You can also contact our Vice President (kjwinfla  @ –remove spaces) to introduce yourself – she will be happy to discuss sponsorship with you. 
  • We love new members and can’t wait to hear from you!

Type of Memberships:

  • Full membership status entitles a member to all rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership, including the right to vote on official club business, hold elected offices and any appointed leadership positions.
  • Family membership is open to two adults and any children under the age of 18, who are living in the same household.   The whole family is entitled to all privileges and responsibilities – the right to vote however is limited to 2 votes.
  • Junior membership shall be open to all individuals under 18, not already part of a family membership.  The junior membership status entitles the member to all rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership, excluding the right to vote or hold any elected offices.

Membership Options:

  • Full = $35.00 per year.
  • Family = $40.00 per year.
  • Junior = $15.00 per year.

** We offer a senior discount for any persons 60 years of age or older at time of renewal.  Please contact our Vice President for more information.

Before your membership is finalized, you will be introduced in the first published newsletter, NewfNews, after your submission, as a potential member. If no current member objects, your membership will be reviewed and finalized at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

The application to membership process may take up to four months. We encourage all to attend meetings as a guest in the meantime! 

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