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March 24, 2013
Smack-Dab's Obedience
Warrenville, Illinois

NCNC members and their newfs had a fun and very informative day at the Education Day. People came from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin to attend this event. We were especially fortunate to have two outstanding presenters! Donna Eichmann and 'Brutus' her yellow lab guided us through how to get started in tracking while our own Anna Lorenz explained the judge's perspective on the many AKC obedience exercises. It was great to see people so interested, engaged, and asking many questions during the presentations! Many thanks to Donna and Anna for their time in preparing and presenting these topics for our club's enjoyment. And thanks to all those who volunteered to help with this event: Tara Kelly-Bertrand, Damian Burke, Denita Jackman, Jamie Rolseth, and William Woodrich.
A great time was had by all!
Chair Mary Burke    

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