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Education Day 2012


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March 18, 2012
Happy Tails Ranch
Island Lake Illinois.


Basic Draft began the morning of March 18, 2012 at Happy Tails Ranch in Island Lake Illinois. There were 39 people in attendance counting our presenter Gerry Heinz. Each participant was given a packet of information to take home with them as reference material. The presentation was a great one with John Jackman and other members contributing to the input. Many members were generous of their time and brought their equipment and supplies in order that the participants could experience first hand the items needed to get started with Drafting. There were great demonstrations by Gerry and Flip with advice, tips and suggestions. The participants had many questions that were met with answers from many of our experienced members.

When the discussion part of the seminar was finished, the mentors who volunteered paired up with a participant and gave one-on-one help in harnessing and even hitching some of the dogs. Judy Heinz stepped in and held a puppy class with the younger dogs. Judy demonstrated some techniques to be used with puppies getting them to understand basic commands.

The seminar has received great reviews from those in attendance. The Facebook page had some posts regarding it and I have received two responses by mail thanking NCNC for offering this opportunity and suggesting that another level be offered in the future. This suggestion was spoken about during the seminar as well.

I would like to thank Tara Bertrand for all her efforts and work in regard to the hospitality and set up and everyone who brought a bakery or snack item. Special thanks to Gerry and Judy Heinz, John and Denita Jackman, Linda Larsen, Woody Woodrich, Cathy and Rick Hartke, Christine Brigham, Jamie Rolseth, Patti Zirpoli, Barbara Hearn, and to John Mertens for running off all the packets given out.

I greatly appreciate everyone's effort and help in making this seminar so successful.

Chair Cissy Sullivan    

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