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Education Day 2007


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December 2, 2007
Shagbark Kennels,
Antioch, IL


Education Day 2007 fell on a cold sleety December day – but the nasty weather didn't put a damper on the activities. We had quite a few members & guests turn out to learn about how to get started in Conformation, Obedience, Draft,& Water from our wonderful volunteers. I heard some positive comments & I am hoping that everyone who came managed to pick up at least a couple of tips & tricks for training their Newfies. Hopefully too we will see some of those same people at trials& tests down the road. Watch this space for future details about Education Day 2008. We will be moving the date up into November and already have some ideas to follow up on for some exciting new topics. Thank you to all who came out & a special thank you to all those who helped out!Handler -
Chair Melissa Torres  

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