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October 10 and 11, 2015
Nippersink Forest Preserve

Judges:   bold

Those who qualified were as follows -

Saturday Handler -
Bob, BlueMoon’s Act of Grace New DD Handler - Christine Brigham,
Raven, CH CoBar’s Favor-Right Girl CGC BN CD WRD
New DD New VN, pending NCA approval
Handler - Connie Youngreen,
Bob, BlueMoon’s Act of Grace DD requalification Handler - Christine Brigham,
Raven, CH CoBar’s Favor-Right Girl CGC BN CD WRD
DD requalification
Handler - Connie Youngreen,
Tucker, Kloofbears Beach Boy Makin Wages CGC TDI WD1
DD requalification
Handler - Nancy Long,

The North Central Newfoundland Club held its fall draft tests and advanced draft tests at Nippersink Forest Preserve in Round Lake, IL. As luck would have it, each day brought mild temps with a cool breeze and no rain - a Newf couldn’t ask for better drafting weather! Our judges, Lynda Dunn and Sue Raney, were very knowledgeable, helpful, and made a great team. Of the five-dog/handler teams entered in the draft test on Saturday, two qualified with one team earning their VN (pending NCA approval). Of the four-dog/handler teams entered on Sunday, three re-qualified.

These were our first two advanced draft tests and the judges were very helpful in ensuring the course exercises were accurately set up. Two dog/handler teams took to the course on both days and spectators were permitted to move to various points along the course to observe the teams in action. Even though there were no qualifiers, the dog/handler teams came very close on Saturday and had a great time overall.

Lynda Dunn made a special mention that she was so pleased to be asked to judge this NCNC draft test, as she earned her very first draft dog title along with her newf Winston at the fall NCNC draft test 25 years ago. And several long-time club members who came out to cheer on the dog/handler teams at the 2015 draft test were also present at the draft test 25 years ago. We cannot put on a draft test without the help and support of volunteers! You all made this a fun and successful event. A special thank you to all our stewards for your help. And thank you to my fellow draft test committee members– Damian Burke and Mary Trauernicht.

Mary Burke Chair


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