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Draft Test 2013


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October 13, 2013
Nippersink Forest Preserve Round Lake, IL

Judges:   Dawn Staffan and Patti Pigeon

Those who qualified were as follows -

New Draft Dogs  
Bluemoon's Back by Heart (Peanut) Handler - Christine Brigham
Sweetbay's Remy UD CD WRDX (Remy) Handler - Ann Dunnigan
Requalified Draft Dogs  
GCH CH Longcreek's Flirtin With Disaster CGC CD RE WD DD (Twister) Handler - Sue Zientara
Fiskers She's A Keeper CD WRD3 DD1 (Lulu) Handler - Mary Trauernicht
Minkriver 2 If By C of Sandycove DD (Alden) Handler - Kimberly Wilcox
VN GCH Top Shelf's Hit and Run CDX RE WRD DD1 TDD CGC (Maaco) Handler - Melanie Reynnells
The NCNC held its 28th draft test the weekend of October 12th and 13th at Nippersink Forest Preserve. On Saturday we had a course familiarization followed by an excellent demo of potential exercises from the proposed Draft Dog Excellent test put on by Patti Pigeon, Ed Maass, Ogee, and Seaman. After that we had a tasty cookout. Despite a brief period of rain, we had an interesting and fun day. Sunday boasted beautiful Newf weather and the dogs responded with 6 qualifications out of 12 entrants. And others came oh so close. It was an honor to have entrants coming from several states to our test.I would like to send out a big "Thanks" and "Great Job" to all the folks involved in putting on the test. In alphabetical order - Dawn Staffen : Judge Denita Jackman : Hospitality & Executive Chef John Jackman : Grill Chef Mary Burke : Chief Steward Patti Pigeon : Judge Ted Meeker : Secretary And last but not least, all the stewards and other volunteer helpers (the test would be impossible without you.)
Chair: Damian Burke    
Secretary: Ted Meeker    
Chief Steward - Mary Burke    
Hospitality: Denita Jackman    

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