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Mock Draft Test 2009


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April 18, 2009
Cissy Sullivan and Tom Conway’s Home



NCNC's Mock Draft Test was held on Saturday, April 18, 2009, at the home of Cissy Sullivan and Tom Conway. Our judges were Teresa Gedritis, Roger Danielson, and John Jackman. They all did a great job of putting the entrants at ease and moving the test along. (We wanted to finish before the rain.) There were a total of five entries. None of the entries would have passed, but all received suggestion from the judges on how they might adjust their carts and harnesses to make them perform better. Each entrant was provided with a copy of the Draft Test Rules and Regulations and received a Certificate of participation. There were about thirty spectators present. Some were members, but several people had heard of the event and just wanted to learn more about drafting in general. Some were looking for Newfies. After a lunch of Subway sandwiches, chips, cookies, drinks, etc., we had a short demonstration of the modifications made to a couple of carts and harnesses. There was also some discussion of how a harness should fit and pull. Many people were involved with setting up the course on Friday and many helped take down the baby gates and tent on Saturday in addition to stewarding for the test. A very special THANK YOU to those who helped in any way as well as those who just came to watch. Another big THANK YOU to Cissy and Tom for the use of their property.

Co-Chairs Denita Jackman and Dona Baker.


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