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Draft Test 2007 Results


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October 14, 2007
Rock Cut State Park

Judges:   Ingrid Lyden & Barbara Jenness

Those who qualified were as follows -


New Draft Dogs

Timbermist's Cedar Beach Bay (Hudson Handler - Erin Schanen
Shadrack's Jubilee CD, RE,CGC, WD, WRD (Leeah) Handler - Sue Zientara
BeeCreek's Groovey Surf's Up (Groovy Handler - Cheri Nicholas
New Draft Team Dogs  
AM/CAN CH U- GRC Allegiance's Bright Prospect AM/Can/UKC CD, RE,WD,WDD, DD, CGC (Brite) .... and .... VN AM/CAN CH Looking Forward Del Castelbarco AM/CAN, CDX, NAD, NAJ,RAE, WRD, CAN WRDX, TDD, Can. DD, CGC, TDI (Oona Handler - Lauren Coulam
NCNC's 22nd annual Draft Test was held October 14th at Rock Cut State Park. Judges for the day were Barbara Jenness and Ingrid Leyden. Although the weather forecast said slight chance of rain, it started out as a miserable day for the handlers with rain showers. As the day progressed, the showers became heavier at times and the temperatures didn't rise. It's hard to concentrate on hitching and harnessing with cold and wet fingers! Despite that, the entrants, judges and stewards prevailed. After all, in the tradition of working dogs and handlers throughout history, they had to work despite adverse weather conditions. We had ten entrants which was higher than last year. However by Sunday three of the entries had pulled from the test for various reasons. The final list on Sunday was one team and six singles. Barb and Ingrid gave basic instructions on what they expected before each exercise and were fair and consistent with all entrants. For those who are unfamiliar with what a Draft test entails, the exercises are broken out into five sections: basic control, harnessing and hitching, maneuvering course, loading the weight for the freight haul and hitching with an out of sight stay and the one mile freight haul itself. The exercises are a joint effort and all of them performed off lead. Therefore the handler must have control of their dog through verbal commands only during the entire test. The only time they are allowed to touch is during hitching and unhitching and between exercises. It's fun to watch how the handler and their dogs interacted throughout the test. In order to receive any Draft Dog title, all exercises must be passed at a single test. More information can be found at the NCA web site, under the Water and Draft Work link. The freight haul starts off on the grass and continues across the road (stopping traffic briefly in the park), through a quite hilly trail in the park. Because of the amount of rain which had fallen by the time the freight haul began, the trail was muddy but safe. The handlers did a nice job of keeping their dogs under control. Congratulations to these new title holders and to those entrants who earned their first title! Thank you to Gerry Heinz, Chief Steward, Tara Martin, Test Secretary, Amy Corvillion who did a nice job with the potluck lunch and Tim Corvillion, Safety Officer. One other big thank you goes out to all who pitched in and helped as stewards. Without your help, we wouldn't be able to do the exercises and complete our test. Our appreciation and thanks to the judges, entrants, stewards, and spectators. There was a nice turn out of spectators, made up of new members, regulars, visitors. Remember, carting is a fun team building exercise between you and your dog and once you have a harness and cart, you can practice anywhere!
Chair Rick Hartke    
Co Chair: Linda Larsen    
Secretary: Tara Martin    
Chief Steward: Gerry Heinz    
Pot Luck Lunch: Amy Corvillion    

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