The North Central Newfoundland Club

Event Chairs

Event Chairs are appointed by the Board of Directors. Without members stepping forward to Chair an event our club won't accomplish so much.


Current Chairs are:

 Draft Test:   Rick Hartke
 Education Day:      Email: 
 Historian:    Christine Brigham
 Holiday Party:    Email:
 IKC Meet the Breeds:
 Judges Committee:    Julie Siefert
 Legislative:   Open  Email: 
 Membership Information:    Rick Hartke
 Newfiepalooza:    Open  Email:
 Newsletter:   Angela Mertens   Email: 
 Picnic:      Email: 
 Policy Committee:   Russ Nummer
 Regional:      Email: 
 Rescue:   Mary L. Price
 Splash and Play:      Email: 
 Specialty Cart & Wagon:      Email: 
 Water Test:   Darlene Rattner
 Website:   John Mertens   Email:
 Winter Walk    Email: 

For more information on becoming a chair please contact Dona at

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