The North Central Newfoundland Club

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are entrusted to manage the club's affairs. Terms are for two years an every year the Club holds an election for the Board positions who's terms have ended.


Current Board Members are:

      Term Ends
 President:   David Kledzik  Email: 2017
 Vice President:   Linda Larsen   Email:  2018
 Treasurer:   Karen Clancy   Email: 2017
 Secretary:   Ashley Gaer  Email: 2018
 Director:    Jeff Bergin  Email: 2017
 Director:    Cissy Sullivan  Email: 2017
 Director:    Mary Burke  Email: 2018
 Director:   Damian Burke   Email:  2018
 Director:    Marianne Windsor  Email: 2018


For more information on the Board please contact David Kledzik at or by phone:  847‐259‐0245

To contact the entire Board click here

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